TP-Link Archer C6 V2 bricked? unidentified network, only power led


I probably make mistake with force flash official firmware thru OWRT Luci GUI v19.07.1.

Now under Windows I get unidentified network (wire) without IP assigned and on router only Power LED shining (not blink even once) and reset button is unresponsive.
Connected with wired cable but only Power LED shining. If I try powering router off/on, all leds blinks once and then only power led stable shining without blinking.
TFPD cant access router without IP

pls help, thx

Definitely, not probably. You need to TFTP the official firmware to unbrick the router (since the partition layout is most likely toast) and reinstall OpenWrt.

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thanks for answer ... but HOW connect with TFPD if no communication between router and PC? "unidentified network" means no IP assignet, and whats more only power led stable shining without blink

I know the drill... static IP and TFPD64, rename recovery file in root folder etc. hold reset and power on, but file not uploading to router

Did you read the link posted by @rsalvaterra ?

Screenshot from 2020-03-03 15-23-17

yes, this is standard TFTP recovery I did it successfully before with another C6, but never with "unidentified network" and only one Led

sadly nothing is uploaded (downloaded by router)

Without JTAG, if the bootloader itself is damaged, there's nothing else you can do, aside from desoldering the SPI chip and using an external programmer to reflash it (and that's assuming the original firmware image also contains the bootloader).

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so ... in the IT service they fixed this router in five minutes with TFTP and official firmware ...!
no need for special treatment, no serial, but classic TFTP

I dont know what I do wrong ... because some connection between network card and router exists according to Wireshark packets. But on my PC Win10x64 admin (def. Firewall) I have zero communication / LOG with TFTP.

Official firmware means you recovered the device to use the TP-Link firmware? This is what I am trying to achieve without any luck so far. Any pointers on what to do would be super appreciated.

yes, but with 2018 firmware... I managed it too once before, but not this time... whats more 2018 firmware cannot be found so easily anymore

@Zambee just in case, had similar issues, but found the solution. You need a switch to connect your PC and the router: you can't just plug the PC to the router you try to tftp to. It is also useful to have wireshark monitoring your ethernet card to see wtf is going on there. Last but not least, to make tftp on router work, you start the router with the reset button pressed, and after a couple of seconds (~5s ?) you release the reset, and see the wireshark packets flowing. For me, PC was and router was

did you manage to solve?

that time I tested everything and there was unidentified problem in my PC which blocks force uploading firmware to router... ISP provider technician proceeded in the same way without problem

tip for those who are desperate. My technician managed to upload the bin using the FileZilla program