TP-Link Archer C54 v1 supported?


Does OpenWrt support TP-Link Archer C54 AC1200 v.1 ? (Factory Firmware Version: 1.4.5 Build 201019 Rel.57444n(4555)

I downloaded Firmware OpenWrt Install file from this page . Then I tried to install it from tp-link web-page But installation was interrupted without effect.

Thank you very much!
Regards, Alex

You got lucky, you could have bricked your C54 using a FW image from another device.


It's not bricked - it is keep on working with factory TP-link firmware

He wrote 'could have', not 'have'. If you read the link frollic gave, you'll find out whether OpenWrt is an option for your device. I have modified your topic title to reflect the actual question.

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Thank you all, guys! Im afraid TP-link Archer C54 is not supported

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