Tp-Link Archer C50v4 bricked?


I’m newbie and tried to upgrade factory firmware to OpenWrt using Web interface of my router but probably I’ve chosen wrong file (..c50-v4-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin)

Now on my router all lights are flashing on green color (except Web icon - it’s flashing on orange color). Hard reset didn’t help.

Is there any wwy to bring it to life ? Revert to official factory firmware?



try the TFTP install in

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TFTP as the other guy said, I have this in One of my rural deployment and TFTP recovery is the way to go.

@ChrisG For future installations, keep in mind the sysupgrade files are only for upgrades on existing OpenWrt installations. Unless there is no factory image available, you should never use the sysupgrade one.

Thank you for all replies.

I found stripped firmware for my router but have problem to set my router in Tftp recovery mode - I’m pushing Reset pin during powering on my router but first I got 2 green lights (power indicator and lock sign) but after 10-15 sec all lights start flashing green except Web - flashing orange.

On my PC as described on forum I set static IP address for TCP/IPv4 with subnet mask
I started SolarWinds TFTP Server and in server root directory and I pasted downloaded stripped firmware. I’m not sure if router „sees” my PC and this file to recover..

Any ideas?

is the firewall disabled ?

and if the file name of the image correct ?

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Good point - firewall was enabled.

After some restarts my router is back to life! Thank you for your help!!

I don’t want to make mistake twice - am I correct that for this router I should use Tftp method to get OpenWrt? Which firmware file should I use? (tplink…c50-v4-initramfs-kernel.bin is correct?)

follow the instructions in the link posted previously, they should be correct.

1.Extract the boot.bin from dropbox and flash it via stock GUI.

  1. After that use the Sysupgrade function to flash below attached file, and please DO NOT select the keep configuration option. (It is ticked by default, you have to manually untick before upgrade or factory reset after upgrade).

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