TP-Link Archer C50

Good evening I have a TP-Link Archer C50 v4.20, which when trying to load the firmware by tftp when turning on again only the power LED stays on, but I have no response by network cable to the router.

It is practically useless, is there a way to restore it to the factory?

Thank you very much for your support.

Did you follow the openwrt installation instructions found here?

There are also debricking instructions for v4.

Good morning, but to recover the router to its normal state, what is the procedure to do it ?, it has to be done with a ttl to usb adapter ?, since it does not detect the network card.

Thank you very much.

ttl-usb adapter is not usually required.

See the Debricking section. Did you see the stripped firmware for tftp available for C50v4 shared by 'pnlshd' for unbricking use?

I have just downloaded the file that the colleague proposes, but the detail here is how to upload the file to the router, because it does not allow me to access it by network cable, I do not know if I can solve it by another way ?, I currently have another tp link TL-WR740N / ND v4 and 2 TLWA801N v3 working smoothly with openwrt, I even have 2 ubiquiti air gw working; I really liked how openwrt works, the problem that when I installed the software I was stunned, as well as I have another wrt54g from linksys that when trying to load openwrt over the network, all the network leds were on and the power led blinks.

I am a novice in this technical part that you handle, I do not know what you recommend me to do to reset my tplink archer c50 to factory mode with the tplink firmware or to install the openwrt firmware that the partner modified.

Thank you very much.


Can you confirm whether you tried using TFTP to upload the stripped TPlink OEM firmware?

- Setup your computer to (SubnetMask /24 = and connect it to the router (the port is not relevant).
- Start TFTP server and provide stripped recovery file with it.
- To activate TFTP Recovery press and hold Reset Button during powering on router.