TP-Link Archer C50 (EU) V6.0 - 5 GHz interface not present

It seems to be a Linux thing with regards to static IP addresses. When I was setting up a TFTP server on my Raspberry Pi, I had to make the IP address for eth0 static ( I used the following in /etc/network/interfaces:

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

Removing this and rebooting the Pi (so that the network services restart) fixed it. Now SSH works on Linux too.

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Yes, it seems not all TFTP servers are equal. When I tried to use tftpd-hpa with a Devolo device, it did not work. On the other hand tftpd (as in Debian/Ubuntu/Trisquel) worked fine. I never used TFTP with a TP-Link device though, so I can't say anything there, but it seems that generally tftpd-hpa is one to avoid when dealing with router firmware.

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Raspberry Pi OS is based on Debian, so your suggestion should work if I ever (probably) brick it again. Thank you for the help.

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ok so with TFTPD and not TFTPD-HPA i should be able to restore the stock formware?

Hi everyone,
I don't want to be annoying, but I would really appreciate if someone could provide a full memory dump from the router. Not only to recover my own router, but mainly to analyze the full dump.


by memory dump, you mean the .MTD partitions backup?

Yeah, exactly

There's supposed to be a partition that contains some sensitive info?

Yes, IMO it should be enough to replace the mac address with all FF then it should be anonymized

Possibly. I had this with a Devolo device, not a TP-Link device. So I'm curious what results with a TP-Link device will be :slight_smile:

Maybe the wiki page could be updated to mention working and non-working TFTPD servers explicitly.


Hello guys, do you have any progress with the 5Ghz interface?

Are you observing particular problems with it?

progress on what? it works fine on mine ,i don't use 2.4 at all and the router is up 12d's currently and that's cause i had taken it out

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well, i was trying to port this router:
it works, it flash, but 5ghz it don't.

Did you manage to get your WiFi back to work with the dumps provided?

I think you'd better create another topic for this as this topic pertains to the Archer C50 v6.

Hi Guys
i recently buy Archer C50(EU) V6 and i want to install opennwrt on it, i don't want to use WiFi 5Ghz , how can i install on my router ?

how do you installed ? i have V6 EU version , what version i should be installed ? could you please advise ?

Please read the installation instructions from the commit message that introduces support carefully.