TP-link Archer C50? Buy or pass?

What's the word on TP-link Archer C50? I can get them practically for the price of shipping.

My needs are simple: access point only, 5 GHz only, 8 devices, 50M/10M Internet, no local servers/services, Internet access only.

Does it matter which EU version I get (v3, v4 or v5 [US only?])? Sellers most likely don't know which model it is and may not be that motivated to find out at the asking price. There are also some v1 and v2 speciments floating around if that matters.

Its vastly different hardware designs between the 5 known hardware revisions (v1 = mt7620, v2 = ath79, v3-v5 = mt7628; mt7620/ mt7628 aren't exactly the most dependable wireless drivers) and the wired ethernet ports being (needlessly/ artificially) limited to 100 MBit/s don't make this device very attractive. It's cheap, but I wouldn't go as far as recommending it.

I'm fine with 100M Ethernet ports. My Internet access is only 50M and I rarely connect anything with a hardline anyway.

Do you think the mt76xx is enough of an impediment to stay away from this access point?