Tp-Link Archer C50 Bricked

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I recently installed OpenWrt on my Archer C50 router and when an error occurred with the firmware i tried to recover the router via TFTPD methods. However following the guide i was using recovered the router using the stock firmware from TP-Links website without any modifications to it, just renaming the file, as the guide suggested.

However now the router is unresponsive and i am not able to get the router to enter recovery mode at all and only a light flashes on briefly before no lights turning on on the router. since reading more about TFTPD other guides for recovery suggested using a modified firmware file, whereby the first 512bytes of the latest firmware are removed from the file before flashing.

If this is the case, is there a way to unbrick my router now with me attempting to recovery flash the unmodified firmware on it, or is it well and truly bricked?

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I've never done this, but here there is a way to do it via ssh - worth a try:
Login as root via SSH on, then enter the following commands: cd /tmp wget http:// sysupgrade /tmp/


Thanks for the advice,

However it appears in this case the user was still able to use the recovery mode via TFTP, something i currently cannot do anymore after trying to initaillty do it. They login to the router vias SSH after they have flashed back to factory firmware, which i cannot do via TFTP at the moment.

I was playing around with the Archer c50v3(which version do you have?) a many times and bricked it as well and its quite robust. Yours is unable to unzip the kernel i think. Can you use serial connection via the serial port directly from the pcb?
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