TP-LINK Archer c5 v1 latest OpenWrt

Is anyone running the OpenWRT 19.x on Archer c5 v1 without issues?

mine is currently running chaos calmer, tho it isn't very stable nor does the 5GHz work very well, I'd like to either upgrade to OpenWRT 19.x or return to stock for the time being.

I don't see any warning for your device in the device page.
You may as well give it a try before rolling back to stock.

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Thanks trendy!

I've upgraded to OpenWRT 19.07.1 using the sysupgrade image, so far so good, it seems that I can now reach 100Mbps over the 2Ghz band, before it was maxing out at 6-70Mbps.

I'll check the stability over the next couple of days and see how it works, do love the new interface!

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Update: Thus far, about 3 days since upgrade, it seems that everything is stable on the 2G network.

Note: I had the following configuration before upgrade:
2G main network
2G guest network, isolated for guests, no device could talk to main network from guest or vice-versa
5G main network

after upgrade, the 5G main network wasn't properly configured, something was off, after navigating into wireless config, my 5G was there, but it was as if the configuration was messed up, couldn't select anything related to "radio", tho I had an OpenWRT for 5G, configured that and removed my old 5G entry and it seems to work. I've performed all tasks from the web interface.

currently getting pretty consistent results both on 2G and 5G, roughly 9x-100Mbps, testing with, router is located upstairs, I'm roughly 20ish feet away in straight line from the router.

will update the post as I find out more

When upgrading from one major release to the other (18 to 19) it is highly recommended not to keep settings over flashing.
If something seems weird, better reset to defaults and configure it from scratch.

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awww, somehow I managed to miss that :frowning: thanks for pointing it out! thus far, only the small 5G issue, fingers crossed :upside_down_face: