TP-Link Archer C2700 support?

Not in the ToH and no mention around here, so I would not ask yet another "Does OpenWRT support..." question if not for three things:

  1. My C2600 has run all the versions of OpenWRT for many years and remains my primary device
  2. Someone "recently" said they had installed OpenWRT on it
  3. Refurbished unit for US$50 on NewEgg

The EoL late 2018 C2700 looks like a C2600 with Intel/Latinq chips instead of Broadcom, double the CPUs, quadruple the memory and more USB according to the devwiki.

Which, if any latinq or other image might install on this device? I see some TP-Link devices in xrx200 but no -factory.bin images.

I suspect it's because of the Intel Lantiq chips, especially wireless.

None, it's not supported - the whole SOC powering it isn't (at this point, there's no development for it known either) - and yes, as OldNavyGuy mentioned, the wireless is a no-go area as well. Even if the SOC would be supported, someone still would have to port OpenWrt support for this specific device individually.

Is still the valid answer.

What makes you believe that to be true - and not a typo between '6' and '7'?

The only Lantiq devices still supported...[WLAN+Hardware*~]=lantiq

Note: Copy and paste...for some reason, Discord mangles the URL, which causes zero results.

Until yesterday I hadn't heard of Lantiq, so thank you for sharing that.

Thank you.

The probability only had to be high enough to make it worth asking the question and that was barely sufficient. Also, while we certainly don't need a thread for every device which isn't supported, given that it appears to have gone unmentioned here, I suspected I might not be the only one looking at that refurbished offer and wondering.