TP Link Archer C2600

I need help installing Open Wrt on my TP Link Archer C2600, i have version 1 and I am not the very technical but want to get the most out of my router, Can someone please help. Can i just use the firmware upgrade in the menu options.


@robemtp, welcome to the community!

Yeah im not very technical and really do not understand these directions

Well then, I'm not sure how to further assist you. I'd say don't fear following the instructions.

  • Do you know what a TFTP server is?
  • It appears the router has pre configurations to receive an image from TFTP
  • You must assign the IP to your computer to those specification and run a TFTP server to load the image

Hope this helps.

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Im probably lost then, i do not know what a TFTP server is and i run ubuntu on my computers, had windows but do not anymore, but i do not know much about ubuntu but how to turn it on and such.

All you have to do is use TFTP to transfer the file to your router. If this is difficult or new, you'll need to study before you can proceed.

Hope this helps.

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Is installing through the TP-Link GUI working on C2600 1.0?

It worked for me on the 150924 TP-Link firmware.

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