TP-Link Archer C25 - wireless repeater how to (no/unstable wifi)

My Archer C25 hast the latest firmware. Right now its wan-port ist connected to my router-switch.
With SSH I can ping

What I did so far:
Via luci i scan my 5 ghz wifi - save & apply: connection.
Via luci i add an master, define SSID and WPA2-passphrase, save and apply
Then connect to the new "repeater/master-wifi" with my ipad: no internet.
Connect to SSH (with client connected via ethernet to the Archer C25) - ping no connection.
Again Connect to SSH - ping - yes, connection
Open luci: "Wireless is not associated" (no connection to my router)

What to do now? Any hints appreciated.

General "off-topic" remarks on luci: While luci and the SSH-configuration makes sense for "nerds" and developers, it is absolutely counter-intuitive from an average-user perspective. Which I have/Who I am. Far to many options and not very intuitive terminology. I would assume, that an "easy-mode" with an UI like on a FRITZ!box, or TP-Link original FW, would be less support-heavy here in the forums... would´nt it? Why is it so much easier and faster to configure an repeater with a default firmware? Don´t we have an interest in getting the average user over here, empowering him/here in using a easy, safe/secure and open firmware?

Repeaters aren’t “everyone” and many people still struggle fitting anything into 4MB devices.

The travelmate package probably will make configuring a repeater much easier for you.

On a routed client, which is what you have, it is essential that the WAN and LAN be different IP subnets. In other words if your main router is 192.168.1.X you need to change the LAN on your repeater router to something like Otherwise everything will connect but it isn't possible to get out to the Internet.

I don't like the "join network" button which creates a new "wwan" network. It is simpler to configure a wifi client then switch to using that as the wan network instead of an ethernet port.

OpenWrt targets the idea of having total control of the machine rather than canned preset operating modes.

The number 1 reason people use this OS... is it's feature set and adaptability.
Take that away.... and most would be better off/the same using another solution.

Dumbing down the front end will inevitably lead to compromises in the above....

There are some flow niggles with the UI, it would be great if you could actively contribute some code to resolve these? Without compromising the featureset of course :wink:

mk24: Thnk you. I´ve changed the main routers IP from x.x.1.2 to 2.2 - while the Archer C25 remains on x.x.1.1 - unfortunately i can´t connect the Archer via SSH anymore..... :confused:

I spend 12 ours on this thing here - first updating the system - now trying to configure this repeater thing... and I´m giving up for now. Same reason why this thing was laying unused in the corner for a year now... :confused:

Wulfy23: As I said - I am just an avarage user, and can at this point not provide any code... though I would love to provide anything, to make this easier and much less time consuming - by default. What could I provide then - if not code?

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The default firewall blocks incoming ssh or http from the wan side. In a standard application, that would be the Internet so it would not be secure. Now that it is the LAN of your main router, which is blocked off from everyone on the Internet, you probably want to allow it.

You need to connect to the LAN side of the repeater router, and ssh or http to add a rule to the firewall to allow access from the WAN side. On Luci, go to Network-Firewall-Traffic Rules-Open Port on Router. SSH is port 22 TCP and http is port 80 TCP. Add these rules and then you should be able to log into the repeater from the main LAN.

Note that your repeater's IP address on the main LAN will be some random number in that was assigned by the main router. So you need to check the status of either the repeater or the main router to know that address. Another thing you should do is add a hostname to the WAN configuration. As a DHCP client it will give that name to the main router which then allows you to access the repeater by name from the main LAN.

I´m still stuck with this with and have no working repeater so far!

I´ve tried this how-to:

But the corresponding screenshots don´t match the current LUCI-Interface! :frowning:

Could someone update the how-to, so it matches the actual OpenWRT & LUCI-version?
That would be a great help!