Tp-link Archer C20 what version it is? v4 or v5

I bought Archer C20. On box it says that it version 5. On official site it is version 5. On OpenWRT it is version 4

What to do and who is to blame? Is it the same version?

Then you have a v5.


Yes, i get it. Question is that on OpenWRT C20 only comes for v1 and v4. Is it safe to flash my router with v4?

Why do you want to install v4 image on v5?
v5 images are available:


I just didn't find page for it. Oh, and photos of v4 is identical to v5

Too bad it just a snapshot, but not a full release

Read the link for instructions how to install Luci, which is not installed by default in snapshots.

Is it not too risky? And is it possible to know when there will be full stable release for v5?

Maybe not too stable, but not risky.

Most likely on version 20.
I installed it and work without any problem even 5G wireless

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