Tp-Link Archer C20 v4.1 & 5GHz...

my dear friends and developers. I read the information on the main page, that my device does not support Openwrt with the 5Ghz function. How relevant is this information at the moment? What are the perspective? How long do you think drivers will have to wait for 5Ghz? Does it make sense to flash my device today?

Hello @dttars02
It now does support. For a while 5Ghz was not supported in TP-Link Archer C20, but then the issues in MT76 drivers have been fixed and it works fine.

I think the issue is that the wiki is not always updated so frequently and not always correspond to what really is.

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How Can I enable 5Ghz and run it?
Archer C20 V4

Use snapshot version. Compile (Openwrt wiki maybe help) or download an pre-compiled version in download page.

Would you send me the direct link please?! appreciate it

You meant that download and update router from this link
then download it
and upgrade?!!