TP-Link Archer c20 v1

Hello everyone i am new. i have tp link archer c20 v1 eu router i am flash openwrt using Tftpd64 and flash openwrt firmware is working fine, but now i want to restore my default tp link firmware bc i want to give this router to my friend and he saying install default tp link firmware, so i am by mistake flash empty archer c20 v1 .bin file idk its empty or not but when i flash him using Tftpd64 now my router not open and not showing led light when i power on just turn on USB led light then turn off, idk its brick or something, anyone please help me to fix my router, Please. and Thank you!

Welcome to the community!

Have you attempted using TFTP with the correct firmware?

If so, what happens?

No sir i am just try Tftpd64 but its not work, when i connect eth cable in computer network there nothing show anything

i try to connect my router with pc use eth cable but he doesn't work, just one time on USB led light in router then turns off

LEDs aren't a good indicator for TFTP.
U-Boot is low level, it doesn't care about the fancy stuff.

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