TP-LINK Archer C20 v1 - did I brick it?

Tried to create recovery file via instruction on but messed somehow and created recovery file having 0 (zero) bytes.
Copied it to tftp server directory and (I suppose) it flashed killing uboot.

Now device is not even light up any led after power on, except for USB led when I connect to LAN2.

Is any way to soft-recover it, or only spi-flash is an option?

Judging from the tftp instructions, you managed to clobber your router's u-boot - which has bricked it for good.

Restoring flash contents via an spi-nor writer, accessing the spi-nor flash directly, should be possible (make sure to backup whatever you can before hitting write, thinking wifi calibration data, MAC addresses, etc.), but if that's economically feasible, relative to the cost for a new device, is questionable at best (only if you have all necessary gear and soldering equipment handy already).

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Thanks, that what was I afraid.
Trashing it then :slight_smile:
It was experiment anyway.

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