Tp-Link Archer C20(EU) v4.1 & 5GHz

Hello my dear friends and developers. I read the information on the main page, that my device does not support Openwrt with the 5Ghz function. How relevant is this information at the moment? What are the perspective? How long do you think drivers will have to wait for 5Ghz? Does it make sense to flash my device today? Thank you my friends and developers

Hello @vir0id

Have a check on other forum posts and you find this one talking about this issue (TP-Link Archer C20 v4 Build).
Someone needs to add the already available MT7610E module to the image build of C20 v4 and may require some testing and confirmation.

I would like to config and run 5GHz wifi on My Archer c20
I already installed 'kmod-mt76x0e' but i don't know how to config and enable it

Versions 19.00.x comes with this kmod without having to install via opkg.