TP-Link Archer C2 wrong Image (C20) flashed -> Lan/switch bricked

Hello, accidentally flashed an Archer C20 image into an Archer C2 router. The Lan port is now bricked because the C20 image does not support the RTL8367RB switch. Is there any way to activate this switch or how can I upload the correct firmware? The serial console works and openwrt should also run without problems, only the switch is not active.
Thank you very much for your help!

Have you WiFi access to it?

wifi is disable by default.

@rudi1 you should be able to reflash using TFTP recovery -

Hello, thanks for your feedback...
I was able to solve this problem successfully. Thanks to this post from pbasista:
TFTP download from TP-Link Archer C2 does not work properly - #15 by pbasista true (-> Thanks pbasista!) . I was able to overwrite the wrong uboot version (C20) with the C2 via the serial connection. Now everything works perfectly... Thanks to everyone involved for this great software

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