TP-Link Archer C2 v3 + Sagemcom FAST5460 vs. Technicolor CGA4233DE

Hello Community,

I'm connected by 500 Mbit Vodafone cable to the internet. I'm just a private novice user.
Since the former Sagemcom FAST5460 router didn't fit my needs any more, I used an Archer C2 v3 modem together with the cable router in bridge mode. Someday the Archer wasn't able to connect any more and I changed TP-Link firmware to openwrt. Everything was fine for a pretty long time.
A couple of weeks ago my internet only connected at about 200 Mbits by LAN. Vodafone told me, that I need the Technicolor CGA4233DE router. Together with this router and the Archer I still get only about 200 Mbits by LAN. The Technicolor for itself runs at 500 Mbits by LAN.

Is this issue same as So you have 500Mbps-1Gbps fiber and need a router READ THIS FIRST - #3 ?

I'm asking because this Thread sounds to me ab bit more like a professional environment rather than my privat one device setup.

Is there a way to setup the Archer to transfer the full speed, or will I need a new device?

Thanks and regards, Marek

i think your Archer C2 is too weak to handle the 500Mbps.
install htop :

opkg update
opkg install htop

and then run it.

once it is runing, start a speedtest, and see the cpu load in the graph at the top. if it is close to 100% then you're good for buying a more powerfull router.
Any MT7621 cpu based router can handle 1Gbps fiber without problem (as long as you enable HW Nat in the firewall settings)

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Thank you very much for your answer. I will test the Archer. Due to Vodafone setup regulations I have to wait now for 7 days before I can activate bridge mode again :man_facepalming:

I will report the test result than.

i just watched the spec of this router :
it has a 1 core 750Mhz cpu... I think you can already start looking for your next router :sweat_smile:

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Okay :+1: but I'm still curious about this cpu test and how it will do :grin:

Vodafone support on Twitter managed to setup bridge mode right away.

When I run a speed-test, cpu load crashes 100%

In normal use, here with spotify streaming and running a video on youtube the load is usually below 10%. Only when I start an instance it comes close to 100% for a few seconds.

as expected :roll_eyes:
now time to buy a new router if you want to enjoy your 500mbps :smiley:

Yes, unfortunately. Thank you very much for your support :slightly_smiling_face:

by the way what happens if you enable software offloading in the firewall settings ?
does it improve the results in the speedtest ?

I have no idea what this option does, but it makes a great difference. The cpu load doesn't reach up to 100% an max download speed was in several tests between 370 and 399 Mbits.

Basicaly it offloads the CPU from some tasks, so it goes faster.

The oem firmware usualy use proprietary drivers, not open source and that openwrt can't use, they are more efficient and give better results. and it probably use Hardware offloading, which is even more efficient than software offloading.
If you go back to the stock firmware, you'll probably see even more speed improvement.

From my point of view, the best devices for openwrt are MT7621/MT7622 CPU based devices, because hardware NAT is supported, and they are cheap. Then the X86 devices, because they are generally powerful enough not to need hardware acceleration.

On my MT7622 cpu based router, on a 1Gbps fiber line, without any offloading my cpu load is 75%, with hardware offloading enabled it's less than 3%

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