TP-LINK Archer C2 V1 - instructions for 19.07.01 on stock firmware

Hello there.
I'd like to install OpenWrt on my Archer C2 V1 (MT7620 based). I see that I don't need to use trunk anymore because there is a 19.07.1 release. Istructions about this aren't very clear (Support for TP-Link Archer C2 V1 seems to suggest that it isn't necessary anymore to follow the guide on OpenWrt website and Updating TP-Link Archer C2 V1 suggests that it is possible to upgrade from an existing OpenWrt installation).
Is it possible to upgrade directly from the upgrade page on the stock firmware os am I to follow the guide on the OpenWrt website (install an old version of lede, etc)? Or are there any working methods that have been tested on this router?
By the way, it seems that 5 ghz is finally working, could anyone confirm this?
I appreciate any help, thanks!

Yes 19.07 will work if you make tftp image from it.
I dont think stock firmware allow openwrt bin file to installed

So I should follow this instruction, right?

Yes, but as it this reminded me to post a 19.01 tftp image for this posted on wiki

Thanks. Right now I'm in the middle of university exams, after I finish I'll definitely install OpenWrt, EVEN on this device.
Have a nice day!

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