TP-Link Archer C2 v1.1 Wi-Fi 2,4GHz not working

I've got TP-Link Archer C2 v1.1 running 19.07.8 and Wi-Fi 2,4GHz is not working at all. While visible in LuCI as "Generic 802.11bgn" there's no signal transmitted and any change in settings for this interface (TX power, SSID, anything) sets it to "device is not active" state. Somehow 5GHz seems to be working fine and performing well.

How to fix it?

do a iw list through putty, to see how many radios it's detected-

Two radios were detected, phy1 as 2,4GHz only radio and phy0 as 2,4/5Ghz one.

OK, so I've got it (kinda) solved. My SSID contained minus sign in the middle (eg. network-name) and somehow setting it within LuCI caused radio interface to fail. After manually editing /etc/config/wireless and running "wifi" command radio promptly started. Unfortunately any change to its properties via LuCI needs re-applying this fix.

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