TP-Link Archer AX23 v1.20 lan port speed capped at 100mb/s

Hi. I recently migrated from ASUS RT-AC1200 v2 to AX23 v1.20 which is a gigabit router. My pc does have a gigabit ethernet port too. I think my ethernet cable does support 1gbit/s because i sometimes see that my link speed is 1gbit/s before ethernet link speed capped at 100mb/s. I get the notification of NetworkManager that say "network disconnected" and then "network connected" but when it is connected again, it has been capped at 100mb/s. I tried a lot Linux Distros on my pc and it occurs on every distro. I even tried using r8168 instead of r8169 but no success. I was going to try snapshot image for my AX23 but checksum of it in website didn't match with mine even though i tried a lot, so I am afraid of flashing a image that didn't match checksum. Currently i use OpenWrt version 23.05.3 on my AX23. The only device that is wired to my router is my pc. My internet has around 100mbps download and around 50 upload. I don't have gigabit ethernet but i want to get all of what i can get so I want 1gbit/s port speed.

It is damaged cable, check ethtool lanX where port is connected about negotiation process.


The checksum written in here was matching with the image i downloaded and I flashed a snapshot sysupgrade image but i think i can't use a snapshot image because some packages for sqm are not available. While I writing this: i was getting 1000mb/s port speed and it went down and now it is 100mb/s again. If you think so, I can buy and try a new cable. By the way, what type of ethernet cable should i buy? Also, sometimes ethernet connection get lost.

CAT5E or CAT6 UTP is plenty.


cat-5e cat-6


Thanks for cable suggestions guys. I thought about that I might not need a ethernet cable really because I don't play online games or so. I may keep using a usb wifi dongle.

pretty sure the AX23 shipped with a cable, should be enough to test the port speed ?


Yes it came with a Ethernet cable but my PC is too away from the router. I was using a long Ethernet cable.

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Then move the router ?

I've got an AX23 too, ports report 1gbit ...


I don't think moving the router is even possible. If I could, i would do it already. There is a fiber cable (it's color is yellow) that's coming through our home's exterior door and router sits on shoe cabinet next to door. There is a ONT device.

Call the workmen to replace in-wall cable.... No need to move router.

Sorry but I didn't understand much, what do you mean by in-wall cable? If there isn't a need to move the router, how can i connect my pc to the router that's away from pc?

If you thought that I am using a in-wall ethernet cable to connect the router to computer, It is not in-wall. It was coming from above the walls before I ditched it after learning it's damaged.

as we told you, move the router ...

Your cable has one wire broken, it is no longer valid for gigabit. 100Mbps will manage with 2 wire pairs

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I don't think it's possible to move the router without a long cable.

You have to replace the cable. Fairly small thing whether you move router or not.

You don't need it to have internet; you are moving the router to get it close enough to test the cables.

The link speed will show up on the status page. Wiggle the cord and see if the link speed changes.

Or, you can buy one of these and make and test your own cables.


Oh, so, I should just move the router to test the cables. I can test them after ensuring no one need internet in home. I used to make Ethernet cables when I was working in a computer shop. I think buying the equipment for that is not good for a thing that will done once.

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Well, with passthrough connectors it has gotten 10x easier.

There can be a difference between cat5e and cat6: the wires and cabes can be so thick with cat6 they won't fit standard connectors and they make connectors with larger tracks to accomidate this.

Normal connectors are for up to 5.5mm cable and 24-26 guage wires and large are for 5.5-7mm and larger guage wires.

Too large and they wont thread, too small and they wont crimp tightly.


You say that now but once you start making tidy cables there is something very satisfying about it.

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