TP-Link Archer A6 v2.0 (US) - Complete and utter brick

Hello people of the internetz. I have a pretty peculiar situation here... Flashed a bunch of routers over the years, with 1-2 bricks that I have recovered using the tftp method. I consider myself at least an intermediate OpenWrt user, but this one perplexed me.

Bought a certified refurbished TP-Link Archer A6 v2.0 (US) on Amazon with the intent to flash it right away. Didn't have much time last week so I used it for about 7 days with the stock firmware out of necessity. Today I decided enough was enough. Flashed it with openwrt-21.02.3-ath79-generic-tplink_archer-c6-v2-us-squashfs-factory.bin aaaaaand that was it. It simply died. I was like hmmm... maybe I did something wrong, how about tft......... holy cr*p even the power led is not coming on.

I tried to tftp it, but of course that didn't work because the router is completely dead and not even the power led turns on. Power cycles, reset pumps, nothing works. Dead. Weirdly enough the switch board has power, so my computer does try to speak over ethernet with it. Regardless, no signs of life whatsoever.

Any ideas what I did wrong, or what might have happened to that poor guy?

Any suggestions at all?

First time ever that I manage to completely murder a TP-Link...

Do you have a serial UART cable? That may reveal what is going on.

Unfortunately no. I only recently moved to Canada bare-naked. Left all my sh*t back in Europe. I will try to find one here, but that may take several days.. and with that power led staying dark I am not sure if it's worth it.

It is a useful thing to have around, especially if you plan to flash other devices. And they're relatively cheap -- you can get some of these things for ~$10 USD or less (even as low as $5 or so).

Yeah... have a whole load of those back home. I did take a scintillation gamma-ray spectrometer with me, but didn't bother to take a UART...

If you're serious about the former, I'd say that you were not quite "bare-naked", but you probably brought the right things with you... equipment like that is harder and more expensive to replace than a simple UART adapter :sweat_smile:


Dead serious, like my router. Lol.

I agree. That was my thought process, but that didn't account for dead routers. :smiley:

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How about that power adapter?
Not Guilty!

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Seems to be the original. Licked it, it shocks, therefor it works. Can't test it more scientifically atm.

Gotta love your scientific approach... :slight_smile:

Checked for some cheap replacement, but it's all expensive over there :expressionless:

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Thank you for the effort! Indeed, prices here are out of this world.