TP-link ARCH C6 - only power light on. No ip-address

Hope someone can help me in this forum. I tried to change the firmware to OpenWRT.
I was getting errors in the step where I have to execute the command sysupgrade -v. I remember it was related to the image in tmp. And it recommended to use -F. So I did it!

My ubuntu pc disconnected from the router (I was connected with ssh) and connected to my home network like no router were in between. (Router was connected to the wall (home network) and computer to router). It has become a bridge.... how can I solve this? Should I throw it to the electronic garbage and buy a new router, this time with pre installed openwrt or dd-wrt ?

try connecting your computer to your openwrt router only, no other network cables attached..

disable wifi (if any)

check if IP gets assigned to the computer

if not, there's always TFTP recovery

Thanks for the reply. I will try that this evening and let you know the results.