TP-Link AC1200 C5 v1.2 doesn´t accept "tpl" through serial console

Hi everybody,

I installed the wrong firmware on my tplink by accident which caused a bootlop i cannot exit...
I first tried the recovery mode and loaded a stock firmware through tftp which didn´t work.

That´s why I soldered my usb adapter to the serial port which works fine in case of getting an output. But the console doesn´t accept the "tpl" command for exiting the autoboot.. I tried it with and without flowcontrol in putty which had no effect. As soon as the "Autobooting in 1 second..." screen appears I type tpl but it just doesn´t work.

Do you guys have any idea?


Take a look at

You may need a pull-up resistor on the serial line or lines.

Or you patch your recovery image to match the now wrong product id and hw id and flash afterwards a unmodified image with sysupgrade -F.
Can you post a serial log from a failed tftp recovery?

Read this thread for a similar problem with tftp recovery...