TP-Link A6 AC1200 bricked and won't turn on

Hello there

I have a TP-Link A6 AC1200 router a friend gave me and it was bricked when I got it. I plug it in and turn it on, and nothing happens. No lights turn on. Nothing. I have tried some of the debrick/unbrick techniques... And I have gotten some action through Wireshark... But I don't know what to do from here. I don't know if I am wasting my time on this router or, if it can ever be brought back to life.

I have the log from Wireshark... Can anyone give me a hand recovering this router? Or shall I send it to router heaven???

Thank you ever so!

What version is it?

Check the sticker at the bottom.

It's Archer A6(US) Ver: 2.1

Try the TFTP recovery described in Bricked TP-Link Archer A6/C6 v2 (US), TFTP is erratic

I have tried all of that... And I haven't gotten anything out of it. No lights come on. But like I said, I do get some info when I tftp in to the router, and look at it with Wireshark. But it's all noise to me. I don't know what half of it means.

What you look for in wireshark is the source IP and the destination IP of the request coming in, but they should already be known.

Only reason why it could fail, is because of firewall being enabled on the TFTP server host.

You're trying to TFTP into the router? So you didn't even read the documentation? There is no TFTP-server running on it; the server is supposed to be running on your computer.

The server is on my computer. I get info through Wireshark about it... but it is a lot of things I don't really understand.

If there are no questions, there won't be any answers...

You know, it might help, if you e.g. shared the Wireshark-dump here... Literally no one here is an all-knowing oracle or anything: we need as much detail as possible.

no lights? :sob: