TP-Link 8970B with PPPoA

I managed to flash LEDE on a TP-Link 8970B...

Reading the existing LEDE / OpenWrt documentation, it is not fully clear to me how to set it up to use PPPoA with Annex J (with Deutsche Telekom).

Anyone could share a working configuration ?

Unknowns at this stage:

a) What should the value of "network.adsl.annex" and "network.adsl.fwannex" be , and what is the difference between those two? Is .fwannex still used ?

b) What should the value of "network.adsl.firmware" be ?

Note: Lede rel. 17.01.4 contains the firmware file " /lib/firmware/lantiq-vrx-200-a.bin ", but the name of that file implies that this driver is for Annex A only? Or is it not ?

b) Is the following necessary (from the openWRT docs) ?

...Bring up the atm bridge and start it automatically on boot

/etc/init.d/br2684ctl start
/etc/init.d/br2684ctl enable

Selecting "Annex J all" in Luci resulted in the following change to the configuration file:


So I assume that the parameter "fwannex" is unused.

Also Luci changes resulted in the following configuration file changes:

  • network.dsl.xfermode has been set to "atm"
  • network.dsl.line_mode has been set to "adsl"

I am left with wondering what the value of "firmware" should be, and whether bringing br2684ctl on is needed.

Any help would be appreciated.

Anyone could advise on what the value of "firmware" should be ?

As far as I know the Telekom is using PPPoE and not PPPoA....

Thank you! I am actually looking more for the value of the "firmware" parameter as it deviates from the docs I have read so far.