Tp-Link 8970 and Sagecom connection


I have two routers: Tp-Link 8970 and Sagecom Fast 5370 routers.I use Tp Link with openwrt as main router, and Sagecom as 4G router, now I want to connect both routers and use TP Link as main router and get speed from Sagecom too.My question: How should I configure both routers ? Thanks for advice :slight_smile:

Do you mean you would like to have two WAN connections on the TP-Link? If yes, check out the Wiki article on mwan3. If not, please explain your question a bit better.

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Yes i can.Again: I have old TP Link 8970b dsl router and Sagecom Telia Fast 5370 router.Over TP Link i use DSL Internet,over Sagecom i use 4G LTE internet.What i want: to connect my Sagecom Telia to Tp Link router and get 4G LTE Internet Speed from Sagecom Router to Tp link router and use both speeds from DSL and 4G LTE but i don't know how to configurate them both,

In this case, my assumption was correct and therefore:

This allows you to configure multiple WAN connections on one device with balancing, failover ...

Edit: here's the link:

Feel free to ask again if you need assistance or are unsure how to get both wan connections on your one device - I'm not sure if/where you're stuck at.

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Ok, I will :slight_smile: Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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By the way I report that WD8970 and 23.05.3 version just works. Also VDSL works.