Tp link 841nd ver. 8.2 network configuration

Hi to everyone.
I am new here. I installed openwrt on my router Tp link 841nd V. 8.2 and tried to configure it but without success. The scheme is:
-2ports + WAN acts as normal switch
-2ports+ WAN acts as router

Is it possible this configuration?
Thanks in advance!

This device has five ports and your desired setup has six ports!
Why do you have two times wan?

Yes, it has one physical WAN. I use it for the ISP.
I want half of the device act as a router(for Internet), and half as a swithch(for IPTV) and wireless to be bridged for Internet ports.

You have to describe your desired environment a bit more...
What are your other devices? Modem, ...

WAN is connected to ISP(internet+iptv). Behind the router is STB(one of LAN ports) for the IPTV and the other ports + wifi are for the internet. I am using a router from the ISP but want to change it with this Tp-link.

Probably there is VLAN configured for IPTV on certain ISP router port. It is not that simple to change ISP router with a custom one

On the WR841ND the WAN port is a separate port into the CPU, which does not involve the switch.

You can still do this by making a software bridge over to the other eth port which then goes to a new VLAN in the switch (of course create two VLANs in the switch in any case).

This means the CPU has to spend at least a few cycles to forward every IPTV packet. If one of your LAN devices has relatively light traffic you could repurpose the ports using one of the yellow "LAN" ports as the modem connection. Then the switch VLANs would be configured 3+1 and all the IPTV is hardware switched. The lightly used LAN device would be on the blue WAN port and software bridged.

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And you have to know what VLAN $ (number) ISP use for IPTV. TV box, etc. might be on specific VLAN

May be it's not so complicated. When I connect STB directly to the cable of ISP, Television is working flawlessly.

It knows what to listen for :slight_smile: You have to figure out how to emulate your ISP modem behaviour. Thats the problem. You can not just "forward" ISP traffic to IPTV or internet as you think

Is it possible this configuration for the device and how?

I think that it will solve my problem.

@Slavun Did you find a solution to this.
I need the same configuration for TL-WR841N v.7.1.
I have this default configuration now.
I want to connect a Mag IPTV set-top box to one of the LAN ports, that I think should be bridged to the WAN. The set-top box doesn't work with current switch configuration.
If the set-top box is connected directly via separate switch (before the router) to the ISP network the TV works normally.

First you need to know whether the TV box uses a VLAN, and if so which one (or more).

It would be best to re-purpose one of the LAN ports as the connection to the modem so you can take advantage of hardware switching and not have the additional complexity of passing TV packets through the CPU. In this model the separate blue "WAN" port is connected only to the CPU.


I'm afraid I don't understand this part of your post

It would be best to re-purpose one of the LAN ports as the connection to the modem

What modem do you mean. I have one LAN cable coming from the ISP into the blue WAN port. A PPPoE connection is used for the WAN. About the TV box and VLAN I'm not sure but I'll ask.

About this part

I know this but as the typical usage of the router will be only 2-3 wifi clients connected at a time and one TV set-top box I want to try if the router can do this job without using separate switch.

I'm talking about using the internal switch in the 841. First you'd need the modem connected to that switch rather than the separate blue port. This is done by creating another VLAN in the switch, then connecting the pppoe driver to that vlan on eth1 instead of eth0.

More specifically click 'add' on the switch page and you should get another row in the table with VLAN number 2. Mark it 'tagged' in the CPU and 'untagged' on ports 3 and 4 (one of which you're going to connect to the modem, the other to the TV box). Change those ports 3 and 4 in VLAN 1 from 'untagged' to 'off'.

The switch is now operating in two parts, ports 1 and 2 are LAN same as before, but ports 3 and 4 are a separate network.

Then go to Network-Interfaces and click Edit on the WAN. Go to Physical Settings and change from eth0 to eth1.2.

Apply all of this and move the modem cable from WAN to port 4 and confirm that Internet still works through the router. If the TV box does not work with this setup it is probably because it needs a VLAN rather than untagged packets.

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I will try this. The TV box should be connected to LAN port 3, right.

Right, any untagged packets that the TV box sends to port 3 would be able to to go to the modem on port 4. This is almost the same as having a separate switch like you were doing before. I say almost the same because an unmanaged switch will typically send VLANs through transparently but this will not.

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Thanks a lot for your help.
I've followed your posts and did this VLAN configuration.

The Internet connection is OK and IPTV works too.
Considering the outdated hardware I once again admire the endless possibilities of OpenWRT.
I've compiled a custom build of OpenWRT 18.06.8 for the router including Adblock, WiFi Scheduler, added Guest WLAN and it is OK.
Thanks to all from this great community.