Tp-Link 841nd router bricked

Tp-Link 841nd router bricked and restart every 3 seconds.When i upload firmware through tftpd it restarts and upload gives error due to bootloop.It is a nightmare for me.Kindly help me to resolve the issue.........

There is no TL-WR841ND, there are at least 14 (partially very-) different hardware revisions of this device, so it's hard to give advice that fits all, but start reading up on


Firstly,I have to recover my boot loop.How can i recover or repair boot of my router....?It is restarting every 3 seconds........

Exactly the way described there, everything beyond that would be unreasonable for the device in question (necessary components/ tools more expensive than the device itself).


Dear my english is not good.Kindly guide me how to recover from boot loop.Bootloader is re-starting every 3-4 seconds.Kindly guide me how can i repair the boot?

The URL to instructions has been provided. What problem are you having?

Routers boot has corrupted and it is restarting every 3-4 seconds.How could i repair it?Can't find the method


What is your native language?

My native language is urdu and second language is english

یہ معلومات دو بار فراہم کی گئیں۔ براہ کرم یو آر ایل دیکھیں۔

This information has been provided twice. Please see the URL.

Dear I told you many time.I will upload firmware through tftpd when my bootloader will work fine.The method is not given to recover my bootloader

No, you did not.

آپ نے یہ جملہ کبھی نہیں کہا۔ عام طور پر ، کسی کو ایک کاپی فراہم کرنا ضروری ہے۔

You never said this phrase. Usually, someone must provide a copy.

میں اس ماڈل کا مالک نہیں ہوں۔

I do not own this model.