ToughSwitch POE Pro (TS-8-PRO)

I've been offered two TS-8-PRO units at a favorable price.

The documentation on running OpenWRT on these is a bit lacking and I have been reluctant to make the puchase, because I am unsure if OpenWRT will run correctly on these.

Therefore I have these questions I hope some of you can answer:

Will OpenWRT run on the TS-8-POE?
Does 24v Passive POE work with OpenWRT?
Does 48v POE work with OpenWRT?

EDIT: I have found the following, that has led me to believe OpenWRT might work on the TS-8-POE, but would like a confirmation:

Still nothing other than the edgeswitch.

Ubiquiti changed the marketing name to EdgeSwitch. So newer devices are labeled EdgeSwitch, but older ones are TS-8-PRO. You can see the commit for this device at;a=commit;h=b6946542f85014096c08f58c3c0acbbfe623a734. It makes no mention of support for PoE.

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PoE works. I run 24V and 48V devices with my ES-8XP.

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