Totolink n300rt V2.0

Hello OpenWRT Community,

i am new here and have some questions about the Totolink N300RT V2.0

I would like to use this as a client or Wifi bridge in a 2.4 Ghz Wifi network. This is distributed via a 2.4Ghz Tplink Outdoor Ap.
There are about 300m airline on our property to our party cottage where we want to use the Internet via Lan.
But unfortunately there is from the firmware 2.2.0 this options no longer as a setting.

Is it possible to flash openwrt on this device?


Cpu: RTL8196E
Flash/Rom: cFeon QH32B-104HIP (32MBit according to internet)
Ram: ESMT M12L2561616A-6T (256MBit according to internet)
Wifi Chip: RTL8192ER

Thanks for your help.

4MB flash and 32 MB RAM is also a dead end.

thank you for the answer.

I have now read that too.
But this device has more ram and rom.
The article also refers to the very first version of the device.

Which article?

MBit != MB(yte).

Sorry, my mistake.... :slight_smile:

yes the Device have 4/32 Mbyte Rom/Ram

On top of that:

RTL8196E = Lexra architecture

See for details.

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