TotoLink AC4300 A8000RU

Yes that's common with tri-band devices, the 5 GHz radios are both hardcoded to either the lower or higher part of the spectrum to avoid overlap.

and the reason why i can't do 160Mhz on channel 149 :

is there an apps that can show wifi informations about my phone ? i'd like to know if it is able to do 1733Mhz and/or support 160Mhz width

Google? :slight_smile: -->
Unless you have the Exynos variant

i installed an app which says i have a snap 865. But does it mean my phone is able to do 1733Mhz, I can't find anything in the phone's specifications that confirms this..
Tomorow i'll see at my office, i have an ubiquiti U6-LR

  • 5 GHz band (4x4 MU-MIMO and OFDMA) with 2.4 Gbps throughput rate
  • 2.4 GHz band (4x4 MIMO) with 600 Mbps throughput rate

so i checked, my phone connected to the U6-LR at 1.1Gbps but in WIFI6...i don't know if it's possible to force an AC connection from the phone ? From the U6-LR i can't do least I don't see where we can do it.

You can set the UniFi to do VHT80 or VHT160, that would effectively make it run as an 802.11ac AP.

i see HE80 and HE160, not sure if i'm at the right place...But no VHT in the list...

From what I can tell no given

well so i still don't know if my router has a problem and if my phone can sync higher than 866Mbps... :rofl:
anyone here with this router, able to connect higher than 866Mbps ?? :sweat_smile:

i just tried with my wife's phone (Xiaomi Mi 10T), Snap 865 like my Samsung S20, i can't connect higher than 866Mbps too... :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You need Wifi 6E support, which your SoC doesn't have

I don't understand what this has to do with the problem. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
i'm trying to understand if the router has a problem, because i can't connect to it at a higher speed than 866Mbps. Or if there is no problem at all with the router, and that's my devices (phones, laptops) which can't go higher than 866Mbps in AC mode.

Your phone(s) doesn't support 160Mhz, read the Wikipedia article.

OK, so everything is fine in phones side. They can't go higher than 866Mbps in AC mode, due to 2x2 @ 80Mhz.


Can also report that r19801-230c9da963 (latest commit of master branch) as of writing works fine as far as wifi is concerned =)

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hi !
just to say that since i flashed my A8000ru with 22.03.0 everything seems to be fine, the wifi is still excellent. No issue found at the moment with a basic use + vpn access to my office.

it's really sad that this router is hard to find, because it would be really popular considering its performance and the quality of its wifi.

i don't know if they are selling outside their country, but the price is very low:

speedtest with my Galaxy S21 Wifi 5 AC 80mhz

The product is late to the party, you can get a used netgear 7800 or Archer C2600 for < $30, unless you really need the dual AC wifi.

But this performs a lot better? :slight_smile:

As stated, unless you really need the dual AC wifi, otherwise, probably not.

C2600 on a bad day, UL's usually >600.