Totolink A650UA (AC650) with OpenWrt

I’m willing to use Totolink A650UA with OpenWrt.

According to DeviWiki, it uses the RTL8811CU chipset.

Will the kmod-rtl8xxxu driver work with chipset?

What's the use case?

Use my NAS running OpenWrt in a VM as a wireless access point.

For AP mode, I'd stay away from Realtek.

Any alternatives? Only the Realtek ones are affordable.

There's a reason why they're cheap.

You need to look for another chip maker.

How about this one?

Depends on what makes it tick, if it's cheap, it's probably going to be Realtek :slight_smile:

DL the windows driver, you can figure out the chip by simply looking at the file names in the zip/exe.

If I were to use it (accepting the consequences), what would be the closest kmod drivers to use for it?

are we talking about the AC650 or the other one (link's suddenly broken).

The AC650. I could not find any Mediatek dongles where I live that weren’t too inflated.

AliExpress has some good options, but lead times are too high.

The manufacturers of those devices often change the chip inside (to some other RTL chip),
if I would tell you this or that chip is supported, there's no guarantee it's the actual chip
you'd be receiving inside the unit. ..

And then there's the issue of the AP mode, it's usually not supported by the RTL driver.