Totally lost - NOOB - how to get to root, etc and run scripts

Hi, I finally got OpenWRT to work on my Asus RT-N66U and searched the forums on how to disable IpV6, install and get OpenVPN client working for ExpressVPN and generally set a firewall.

The problem is that I can't find out how to access the root directories, etc directory or run a script. I do know Linux enough to copy and paste when I get there.

So, can anyone help a total NOOB get my router setup to do the things listed above?

Thanks for your answers in advance.


@Jeff, thanks. Just what I needed.

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And for copying files and editing files, you can use WinSCP if you are in Windows.


I downloaded and installed cmder but when I type ssh root@, I get an error message "connection refused"

Any ideas why?

Oh, I had to change the IP parameters for my LAN connection to and so that I could install OpenWRT. Could this be it?

Well, typically when you are flashing a router it makes perfect sense to set static IP for your PC because the PC loses the DHCP source during the process.

@Hegabo, so do I need to change those settings to be able to run the command ssh root@

No, you don't need to (though you need to think whether you want to have you PC with static IP or as DHCP client, but this had nothing to do with your problem.

Are you sure you have OpenWrt running? Can you access the GUI (LuCI)?

Is your PC running Windows or Linux? And if Windows then how are you running ssh?

I found it. The dropbear instance was set to listen on the wan port, not the lan port.

I am running Windows. Then tried cmder and vl but hated it and installed WinSCP. Thanks to everyone that helped me.

I love how OpenWRT gives me total control over my router. Now if I could only understand it all.


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