Torrenting via LuCi


when using torrenting via open wrt, what are the benefits?
and after that, the file is on the usb storage, so I guess we have to transfert the file on the pc or elsewhere:
exemple: video...

its not really an advantage...?

Typically an OpenWRT device consumes less power than most laptops. While you're downloading on your OpenWRT device, you can have your main computer sleep or shut it down completely.

So I'd say the advantage is that it saves you money and it's eco friendly too.


And if you download a video, what you do after to use it? I tried one video file (1gb) and I had to re-download it on my pc from router's scp

You don't need to download it; you can stream it. I suggest setting up a CIFS share.

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stream it directly from router (storage) ?

Yes. I'd leave a drive connected just for downloads. That way it can download while you're away with your computer.

Usually, and even if you are not downloading anything, it's a good option to connect a USB disk to the router and share it (with Samba/CIFS for Windows, and typically NFS for Linux users). This makes the drive accessible for the different devices on the network and can be useful for watching movies and sharing files etc.

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Ok I will look tomorrow.
But I tried today to open the video directly and it seems I couldn't.

It's been a while since i've used transmission on OpenWrt, but it might be a permission issue, if i remember right transmission runs as root by default, so a video you dl'ed onto your drive would only be accessible as root. You might need to make a user for Samba and then run transmission as that user.

Another big bonus for me - i can initate download remotely, using my home ISP, not current one.

Or simple install minidlna as universal media streamer. Or Samba. Or SFTPdrive.

You can also set Samba share to use root for it.

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thanks all.

another one, I use vpn on my windows + on router, but when I download things on pc, I use vpn app. I have wireguard app or torguard app, my question is, to access to my router interface, when I'M connected to vpn via my app, I removed kill switch and I can access to luCi... So if use torrent from open wrt, Am I protected via vpn? I ask cause, before I disable the kill switch in the app, I could'nt access to


I tried it, but when I close my laptop, and reopen later, the torrents were at the same downloading %, it said: cant reach server....

and many download speeds drop.
4mbps to some kb/s.. non stop, up / down..

not fast like when I use qbtorrent app.

Wait-wait-wait! What 2 vpns?

Can you please be more specific - what kind of internet connection you have and how you use it? Do you want Transmission use VPN? Start from the beginning, please!

Also, near-all VPN clients have a setting like "Route to the local network" - look for it. If WG doesn't have it - i strongly recommend to switch to more robust solution (i prefer SSH tunnels + WinPCap - even China firewall can't block this, and it's also free).

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Ok ;-)..

  • I configured transmission torrent in open wrt, via web interface. So I guess, that, is the same vs if I used a windows torrent apps, like Deluge, Qbittorent etc..... So I need a vpn to be protected.

So, I have wireguard, I have it on open wrt, on my router, but on my laptop I prefer to use windows wireguard app instead of router's Wg. ( I use torguard VPN).

So just one vpn, torguard vpn provider with Wg app on my laptop. The question was, when I'm download something via transmission, I need VPN, but I couldn't have access to and but now I'm ok if i disable "kill switch" in the Wg app, I am still under vpn right? Even if I can reach those addresses? (After dns leak testing , I'm ok, so I guess so)

Now my only problem is, some here, seem to say that they download stuff even if their computers are turned off...... but in my case, if i rien off mine, the torrents stop, i see "the server cannot be reached "



So you have VPN client at router, connected to other server?
I wonder why you need another one client inside you network, but it's up to you.

Another issue you mention - seems like you have routing at you rig blocking local LAN access, and yes - it's safe to route local lan traffic outside VPN. DNS can be set up different ways, it's up to you.

And the most wonderful for me Transmission on router stops if client not connected. Of course, it SHOULD NOT be like this. Did you client disable router's VPN upon disconnection? Any other network changes? check routing tables and firewall setting with and without you client (hint: you can just DO NOT start vpn at you client to check).

So, can you dump /etc/config/network and /etc/config/firewall from you router with you client's vpn and without and put it here?

I think is better to use a Raspberry PI for torrents.

Its a general security principle to keep it stupid simple.