Torrent port forwarding

I tried to setup a port forwarding with this OpenWrt, but it seems like the port just stays closed.
This is the setting I tried:

Do i need to setup a static ip or?

  • Set up a static lease for the LAN client running the torrent client.
  • Specify the proper destination IP in the port forwarding settings.
  • Specify the forwarded port in the torrent client settings.
  • Open the forwarded port in the local machine firewall.
  • Make sure your router has a public IP address.

Thanks for the respond.

I tried to setup a static lease for my computer running the client:

and then making the adjustments in openWRT

But it seems like the port is still closed.

You need to remove the from the wan section in the rule.

You want to forward any packet coming from wan to router's port 50000 to LAN IP .206. (But your counterparties know nothing about as they only know the routers own public routable IP on wan side)

Yeah, I looked in LuCI GUI. in the "incoming" section you have now apparently restricted that only traffic originating from WAN IP is forwarded, which is plainly wrong. Remove that source address from there.

The "to" section looks ok.


Thanks for the help, this seems to have made port forwarding work.

Wish I'd know how to use the ssh version of this program. Might have made more sense (or less)

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