TOR on OpenWrt behind main router (extra subnet) How?


I use an openwrt router behind my main router (Fritzbox) and on the openWrt router I have a special subnet for e.g. IOT devices, seperated from my main network (from fritzbox)

I configured it, that the main network can access the IOT network, but the IOT network only could
access the internet via default gateway (main router).

Now I want to that the "IOT" go over TOR in the internet (over the default gateway).
TOR runs and opens successfully an connection, but I tried read several blogs and documentations and tried to adopt it to my situation with no success.

Most of the blogs but the commands and configs, but do not really explain it...

So anyone an blog or somthing else which helps me to get my projekt to work ?

Thank you


Just found this instruction:

So, follow this instruction?


thank you for the guide, but as I mentioned the part with the seperate Subnet is working yet.

But I need a guide, how to achvivem that this subnet goes over TOR... I only find configs where Openwrt is the main router.... and no description of the steps, so I could understand and adopt it.

TOR is a proxy, not a gateway. Normally, you would set it's address and port in client proxy settings, but IOT devices normally don't support proxy servers.
There is a (very) complicated way to redirect normal traffic through TOR. Search for "tor transparent proxy" on google.

Thank you...I tried that, and the most does not work for me, than I will search a little bit longer...