Top is not working in openwrt

I am using openwrt based system .
when I am trying to start top command . Top is not displaying all thread of a process. My process is creating 5 threads but it top all threads has same name which is process name.

On Ubuntu based system , I never faced such issue .

Here top is a soft link to procps-ng 3.3.15 .

isn't this a contradiction ?


In ubuntu if I use top -Hp command . I can see all thread name but here only process name is coming

application is creating 5 threads and setting different name of each thread

And what prevents you from installing procps-ng-top applet?

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Top is not working in openwrt

I think you mean "Top is not working like I expected".

It is not working in the same way as it does in Ubuntu, because OpenWrt is optimised for resource limited devices, eg routers, and not workstations.

Try installing the htop package.

opkg update
opkg install htop

Followed by the htop command.


Or if you have disk space to burn and like fancy themes, try btop...

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