Too small fonts in bootlogs

The bootlogs are too small to be human readable.

Currently the font size is only 9 px, "Lucida Console",Monaco,monospace

It should be at least 11 px size. Also it would be nice if the wrapper that contains the bootlog had a bit more height.


Both wrapper size and font size have been intentionally set so low, in order to save space on the page.

Increasing the font size from 9 -> 11px: costs 4 visible lines, therefore I kept it at 9, in order to show more lines in the wrapper box.

I have increased the height of the wrapper by 20% from 300 -> 360, making 5 more lines visible.

If you want bigger fonts: does the browser zoom function do the job for you?

It's what I do every time I wan't to inspect a bootlog. Really annoying since when you make a zoom, it's made in the whole page.

you could use something like Stylus to manipulate the text size via CSS with a user style, if you don't want to change the firmware or theme on your device