Too much curiosity made me install tonnes of packages, now how to get rid of it?

Couple of months back I installed Openwrt and I was way too overwhelmed with the options it provided.

Lurked on this forum and installed many packages and I don't even know what does that package do and I dont even use them.

Now do I delete all those packages without hampering my settings? I had a hard time setting up PPPoE so don't want to do that again. Unfortunately I don't have backup file.

I read this guide but I didn't find that option

Perform backup, then reset, then restore.


Any idea what all will be backed up and what won't be?

In short...



See the "Customize and verify" section of the guide for details.


Ok got it. But can you please point out which files do I need to backup?

I clicked on "Open list..." options and saw many files. All I want is PPPoE and wifi setting to be intact

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Perfect. Do you think it is important to backup anyother file to avoid any trouble?

Better safe than sorry.

Which files should I backup?

Backup the full /etc/config directory to be sure

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The default settings should be fine.

From the link posted above:

Click Open list… button to view the list files for backup.


sysupgrade -l

Do a system backup from luci, not separate files.