ToH Suggestion - CPU "Architecture"

I greatly appreciate the ToH as a way to compare various potential devices. One of the challenges I face is knowing that there is often a significant performance difference between an ARM-based chip and a MIPS-based one, not to mention within the various "families" of each of those architectures.

While CPU count and clock speed are valuable hints, I don't have a "secret decoder ring" in my head between the manufacturer's chip number or the OpenWRT/LEDE "target" and the underlying chip archetecture.

Providing even high-level information would be helpful for those looking for "a fast, two-core or better, ARM-based" unit.

Are you searching for something like this?

Please mind that Instruction Set / Sub Instruction Set are no longer maintained in favor of the package architecture.

Yes, searches like that, or one that it might have you that linked in another topic

Table of Hardware: Ideal for LEDE

I'd be happy with a column that derived the underlying architecture from the "target", a fly-over, or a link to a pop-up that described them. While a couple of those listed under I can guess at (arm64, x86), a lot of them I have no clue about from the manufacturer's part number alone.

Edit: the "package architecture" column looks like it provides sufficient information. Might want to consider revealing that on "device-selector" pages, perhaps beside the CPU speed and count.

Like so?

...and maybe this is also interesting for you:

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