I have KE 2P at home and hw rev. is D1
At home site also hw D1
I never saw in web hw rev C1 for KE 2P.
I think this is some mistake in toh/phicomm/phicomm_k2p_ke2p.txt

Thanks .

Hi @VicePolice,

Congratulations on your new purchase! I hope you enjoy this fantastic piece of hardware for many years. :+1:

I find your investigations on the hardware very interesting, so I encourage you to complete the ToH and the device page with your new details. Please also check the images there, where a picture of a router tagged as "revision C1" is displayed. You may want to add pictures of your device, if you find it useful.


Some photos of my KE 2P. With hw ver. D1

Please, @VicePolice, could you test if your D1 revision works with the current OpenWrt images? Then, you can report it to the ToH and the device page.


I will. I just need ttl uart cable. I have already ordered it on Alli.

Hello. Few days have this device to(ke2p rev d1).
Stok firmware , maybe i can help too.

I have install Openwrt 19.07.0 on my KE2P and it still have WiFi problem. I can not connect any device to K2P WiFi. Still MediaTek MT7615D have not fully support?

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the wifi cannot be seen even in 19.07.4 for the hwD1 version.