ToH: no info about Gb ports?

Recently I was surprised that in CVS in ethernetgbitports there is always null. I am almost sure, that some time ago I was able to filter against it. Bug? Decision?

Seems to work just fine... all devices with 5x 1Gbps ports:

But I am talking about CSV export.

And even your link does not returns any rows for me ...

Yeah... now that I downloaded the csv, I see the same thing. Odd.

I don't know why that wasn't working...
but the database certainly has these fields. Try the link below which should give you the complete table (in it' extended form), then find the Ethernet 1Gbit ports field and enter the number of ports (4, 5, etc.) of interest.

That doesn't solve the CSV issue, but at least the data is available.

Thanks. In fact I prefer offline searchin as it is faster.
BTW. do you consider export in more structural (xml or json) form?

I can't answer the rest of the questions because I don't actually have anything to do with the wiki and device database stuff...

@thess - who would be able to answer this and/or resolve the noted issue with the csv files?

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I have a couple of things to do on the wiki this week -- I'll look into this.

It appears that our ToH DB has key/values for gbit, 1gbit, 2.5gbit and 10gbit ethernet ports. The CSV extractor script only lists those devices with gbit ports (only 14 found). This is at least an explanation of the omission but not a fix -- that will take more time.

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