ToH is still weird

Hi there,

After the recent outage, I think ToH is not working as is should:

I think that the other views could also be incomplete, but I can't provide any examples for that.


I'm rebuilding the wiki index right now. During this process, the complete ToH data will be re-read from the dataentries into the database. Hopefully this fixes it.

Re-indexing will take some time, I expect 1..2 hours.
Please mind that during this time, the wiki search function will not work as expected due to searchindex-rebuilding.


Short update: re-indexing has finished, but still showing no results. I'll keep investigating.

Issue found, indexer is running again, ToH should be fully working again in approx. 2..3 hours.

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What was the issue?

Our data-plugin-mariadb-hack was the issue, and that stijn updated the modified data plugin:

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Ah, makes a lot of sense.

There was a lot more going on than just that. I've documented things somewhat. I'll try to clean that up and put it somewhere. For now, people with access to the server have access to my raw notes.


Thank you, guys, for your effort on fixing that.

Hmmm. Annoying. Indexer has finished, but we still have issues:

Intermediate status:
Fixed some issues in the meantime.
We are on the right track. indexer is still running, but I see the previously missing data appear in the ToH as the indexer progresses. ToH should be fully working again in 15..30min or so.

EDIT: Indexer has finished, all missing data is now shown AFAICS, ToH is working again.

Should you still observe issues with the ToH, please report here.

Sorry for any inconveniences!

For internal reference:

Fixed issues (not sure if related to the ToH issues, but still...):

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