To Remove the umount procd utilities

umount procd init.d service is listed in the below directory


I would like to disable this service as part of the build , any pointers ?

This seems to be available as part of the base-files .

To disable:
/etc/init.d/umount stop
/etc/init.d/umount disable

To restore:
/etc/init.d/umount enable
/etc/init.d/umount start

Thanks , Do you suggest this to be done as part of the boot up scripts ?
Or cant it be done during the build ?

It can be set/unset in Base system/Linux System Utilities

look into uci-defaults.

Already busy box version of umount is disable in
Base system/Linux System Utilities

You might need umount to unmount USB flash drives.

You referenced base-files, but @brada4 makes a good point.

uci-defaults is a good option.

Can you please elaborate more on the uci-defaults option ?

You just disable umount service and it never unmounts filesystems on shutdown/reboot.

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In principle you can post command I dont mention here intentionally to firmware-selector and try it out just to see how it works.