To muy PC from outside

Hello, this is the thing. I am connected to an external WIFI network through a WAN connection, so my computers are on a separate subnet. How can I make a web that I have in my subnet appear when a user from another network type my IP from the external network in the browser.

Hola, esta es la cosa. estoy conectado a una red WIFI externa mediante una conexión WAN, por lo que mis equipos estan en una subred independiente. Como puedo hacer para que cuándo un usuario de otra red escriba mi ip otorgada desde la red externa en el navegador se muestre una web que tengo en mi subred.

I'd recommend a VPN. Wireguard is pretty easy to setup.

You would Port Forward the IP of your WAN to the port/IP of the server (e.g. port 80/tcp for an HTTP web server).


I think I misread the OP -- @lleachii is correct if you are trying to simply access a web server that you have on your network from any remote location. A VPN could also be useful, but isn't necessary if just need to get access to a web server.

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