To much compartmentalization of user accounts

I love openWRT the firmware and I enjoy posting on the forums, but I feel like maybe there is a bit too much compartmentalization when it comes to user accounts. I noticed that in order to post on the forums of a person must register for a username and password, and this is normal and I agree with this.
What I think is a bit abnormal is that in order to to post a bug to the bug tracker which is again on, one must register a username and password all over again.... Then the next issue is that If a person wants to work on documentation you must register a third time for a third username and password again on!?! Why is this?
I can certainly understand having default access to documentation disabled and needing admin approval to access, but why must a person go through 3 registrations and "check your email for confirmation links" in order to use all of the site? It seems redundant and tedious to me.
Why not instead have all 3 areas register at one time with the same account, but default to disabled for documentation and bug tracker pending a request and admin approval?

Single sign-on between different software products (Discourse, Flyspray, DokuWiki and if you include the developer's life, there's more to consider than just those three) is hard, unless you have a dedicated staff to keep up with it (and maintain it over upgrades of the different components). For a volunteer project, with organically grown infrastructure, you're quickly asking for more than you can chew.


I can understand if I was over simplifying things. Thank you both for the quick reply and also to those who edited my typos.

You can use a github account to sign in all three, afaik.

But that is easy for maintenance because it's a plugin for all services.