To get 300 meter wifi.. which router is better?

To get 300 meter wifi.. which router is better?

TP-Link TL-ANT5830B atau TP-Link CPE 710 ?

You may get a better answer if you ask on the TPlink forum.

At first glance, the CPE710 offers antenna gain of 23 dBi, with ethernet interface for connecting to an existing network. I think these are usually used in pairs to provide a 'point to point' link. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

TL-ANT5830B has higher antenna gain of 30dBi with cable terminated with a female coaxial N connector for connecting to compatible 5 GHz Access Point/transceiver.

Take care the CPE 710 is an antenna with integrated electronics and firmaware and so you can treat it like a access point for example.

The other is just an antenna and and you need to treat it as a high gain external antenna which connects to your own access point or router for example

in terms of capturing 300 meter wifi ssid which one better?

It's tricky to get a regular router to go long distances. Even if you could get a "powerful" router, your laptop doesn't have a sensitive receiver, nor a power transmitter to respond. (See the longer description at: Belkin RT3200/Linksys E8450 WiFi AX discussion - #2245 by richb-hanover-priv)

What's your budget? I have had very good luck using Ubiquiti gear to connect a back cabin to the main house. Doing it today, I would use something like a pair of Ubiquiti NanoStation Loco - $72 on Amazon to make a radio link between the two locations. Plug the near NanoStation into your main router, and use a second router connected to the remote Nanostation... They're rated at 150mbps between the two points.

around $100

I can only get the wifi from my home not the other way round pairing..

Im thinking about using TP-Link TL-ANT5830B with custom mod reyre stb android router.. but wonder if this is a good choice compare with CPE 710?

Update: I was going to write something up, but found this ArsTechnica article about TP-Link point-to-point gizmo's. The article gives a nice intro into the technology and a quicky DIY overview. The wireless bridges are $39 for each end at Amazon...

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