TL-WR941ND V3 IC Flash memory replacement?

I've TP-LINK router Model number is : WR941ND V3 with hardware BROKEN IC FLASH chip
my problem is I want to replace this IC with new one but I can't find the same model number of Flash memory in my country could you please guide me How you can find the replacement IC that work same with this model
My flash memory chip model number is : Spansion S25fl032p 4 mg

I found this IC on store near me does it work ?
Thank you

I used this [W25Q128FVSSIG W25Q128FVSIG W25Q128FVSG 25Q128FVSIG 25Q128FVSG 25Q128 IC FLASH 128MBIT 104MHZ 8SOIC In Stock] for TL-WR841N 4meg memory replacement to 16 megabyte.

Thank you so much for your fast reply those chip s are available in my country also I would be very thankful if you have a full dump file for this model version Thank you so much again :pray::heavy_check_mark:

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