TL-WR941 with wpad - Image Generator

Hello, I would like to create image for the TLWR941 v2 with full wpad to create roaming WLAN. I tried to follow the guide
but the latest generic snapshot

does not contain any 941 PROFILE.

I tried tiny

but it does not contain wpad package.

I tried older snapshot
but it ends with error
"Build dependency: Please install a static zlib. (Missing libz.a or zlib.h)"

Which way with minimal obstacles to go?


Try the 17.01.4 release.

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Hi xorcz,
Thank you for pointing out this question. The guide you linked was written by me, and I didn't even notice that LEDE has merged under OpenWrt project! Now the links in that guide have been replaced with ones based on 17.01.4 release instead of development snapshots.

Hi mk24, windsketch, thank you, the build was successful with the release.